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    BRM is one of India\'s leading service providers. It customizes a solution that is appropriate for hiring policy, budget, and industry. It helps its clients to reduce the risk associated with hiring decisions. BRM offers a wide range of Background screening services and recruitment aid to its clients.

  • Our Services

    Vendor services to IT/ITES, BPO and Background Verification Companies: BRM offers comprehensive research on Employment, Education, Criminal and Address verification for most of the IT/ITES and Background Verification Companies in India with competent cost, astounding Turn around Time and admirable quality

    Recruitment and Consultancy: BRM facilitates scherning & execution of human resource recruitment, guidance & expansion program for many of the Multinational Companies in India. We offer an extensive chain of recruitment solutions for various necessities. We are a team of committed professionals offering services all across Indian markets.

    Domestic voice & non-voic based services: BR< also undertakes projects from various Banks and Insurance Companies and subcontracts it to its Channel Partners meeting their business requirements within tentative period.

  • Careers

    At BRM we provide a self motivated, inspired and bendable environment that is encouraging to fresh thoughts and improvement. We welcome you to become a part of BRM and explore your career opportunities. Please send in your resume atinfo@bluestone.org.in

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Rs. 30
20 Companies
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Period of use Unlimited

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