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Learning & Development


BRM can change the way you perform through efficient training and development

Learning and Development is the first step of any organization to inculcate its values, culture, mission and product knowledge to its employees.

There are a lot of Organizations who either fail to understand the importance of Learning and Development or are negligent of the results it could add to their overall venture.

BRM conducts training and development to a lot of its clients to improve their manpower quality and assist them meet their target employees to achieve overall success rapidly

BRM provides all sorts of training, may it be soft skills, motivation, Product Training, Team Building and many more.



Contractual/Permanent Employment Programas

Rapid Resolutions for feasible employment to GROW your business

Bluestone Risk Management and Consultancy (BRM) apprehend the needs of its clients precisely. We deem in out sourcing our services swiftly to get our clients emphasis on their primary production.

BRM provides contractual and permanent employment to its clients to evade the incompetence of hiring productive personnel's. We ensure we take up the accountability of our clients needs and provide them staffing to suit their needs as per their requirements.

We outsource personnel's on our payrolls to the clients to meet their requisites, which in turn reduces their burden of initial investments of salaries.

BRM as a company completes employment cycle for its client and ensures if any corrective measures are required to be taken for any lapses.

What we Offer?

Contractual Employment: Empowering the client to retort to transitory or contractual employment requirements with precise ability or skill sets. These facilities are either for a short span or full time.

Permanent Employment: Once the Client is satisfied with the skill set of the temporary employee. They get complete rights to take him on onboard and get him permanent after completing certain formalities with BRM.

Clients Requirements, Sourcing, Review of Contract